Race Info

Registration – If you would like to register your relay team today and wish to be invoiced please enter the word cheque into the discount code field. 

Still finding your team members? – Secure your team place by registering with your details only by selecting ‘I will invite my team members later’ then email the rest of your teams email address to enquiries@3d-events.co.uk so the organisers can add your team members to your team registration page and they will then be required so input some personal details and accept the events terms and conditions.

Event Start – The challenge will start at 08:00 from Fliquet Bay, Jersey. Skippers + Teams must meet in the bay no later than 07:45. On race morning at approximately 06:45, team captains will be asked notify Race HQ that their team are on schedule for the meet at 07:45 ahead of the challenge start at 08:00.

Race Start/Finish – Boats will be lined up on the shore of Fliquet Bay (skippers will know the exact location in due course). Once at the teams boat the swimmers are free to start their swim challenge. The first swimmer will get in the water and start swimming when they hear the start horn. Swim teams will then rotate every hour until they reach the south shores of Carteret, France (subject to all final permissions and government event guidelines). The swimmer in the water at the time will swim ashore and run through the finish flags which will be visible on the beach

Relay Swimming Legs – Two, three, four, five and six swimmers can make up a swimming relay team. Each swimmer is recommended to swim for 1 hour before rotating with a team member, but it is entirely up to each team if they wish to rotate more often, but there must be a minimun swim duration of 30 minutes per team member. Depending on team time some swimmers will swim once and some twice.

Should you need additional swimmers or wish to join a team then we can help, just let us know and we will support you to find a team/swimmer.

Safety Boat –  Each swim team is responsible to provide their own safety boat to stay with the team throughout the entire challenge. We kindly ask you to liaise on your safety boat with our swim co-ordinator Simon O’Donoghue prior to the event, you can email him on simon@spring-im.com

Distances – The swim relay is controlled by times and not distance, each swimmer will swim for 30-60 minutes before rotating to the next team member. There could be interpretations of this course, your skipper will be provided hourly way points however as in last year you will see there was lots of clever interpretation.

Race Info Pack – The Jersey France Challenge 2023 information pack will appear here soon. Until then please view our Jersey France 2022 information pack here to get an idea of the information that we share.

Key Event Dates /Timings

SKIPPERS MEETING: Wednesday 26 July at 5:30pm

RACE PACK COLLECTION (Team Captains and skippers only: Wednesday 26 July at 5:30pm)


06:45 All boats must be on en-route to Fliquet Bay, Jersey.

07:45 All boats must be moored on the shore of Fliquet Bay (please refer to info pack to view the course map) and on the start line ready to go!

07:50 First swimmers ready for challenge start.

          08:00 SWIM CHALLENGE START!

14:30 Expected first team at the finish in Carteret, France. (Actual finish is 1mile south of Carteret)

16:30 Expected time for last teams to be finishing

Post-event food & drinks (Details TBC)

18:30 Prize Giving

Other useful information/Kit List:

  • Plenty of Food & Drink
    • Jelly Babies
    • Hot drinks in a flask are great
    • Lots of fluids
  • Fully Charged Mobile phone (For Tracking) with the Race Nation App downloaded and logged in (for tracking)
  • Spare mobile phone or charger in case your phone battery runs out
  • Appropriate clothing for weather conditions (bring blankets and warm clothing for finish)
  • Towel x2
  • Sun cream and other on-water protection from the sun/wind/rain!
  • Some things that are nice to have
    • Vaseline or Anti Chaff cream
    • Anti-mist google spray
  • Please note that there will be no toilet facilities on the boats (be prepared to use natural facilities (sea) or bring a bucket.

Please note the above will not be provided by the organisers and so it is the challenger’s responsibility to bring on the day.

For any additional swim questions, please contact Simon O’Donoghue – simon@spring-im.com

Important Event Information for sign up

For the sake of safety, every entrant must first demonstrate that they are fit and capable to participate in this endurance event before being allowed to take on the challenge. 

Swim Assessments – date/time TBC

Simon O’Donoghue will be conducting a preliminary swim on date/time TBC at St.Catherines (meet in front of the cafe).  This is not compulsory but is advised to meet other team members, challengers and to ensure you are comfortable with the distance.

Swim Medicals 

You may be asked to submit a swim medical form and organisers will contact you if this is required.

Swim Fact Sheet

All swimmers will be sent a swim fact sheet with all the information they need.


A prize will be awarded to the following winners of each category:
Winning Team to land  (without a wetsuit) 1st Place


A prize will be awarded to all swimmers and skipper in the team.

Winning Team to land (with a wetsuit) 1st Place


A prize will be awarded to all swimmers and skipper in the team.

Winning Team for extra points (details will be confirmed on the day!) 1st Place


A prize will be awarded to all swimmers and skipper in the team.

Winning Team for the most fundraising (all funds must be entered into the system by Saturday 23rd July 2022 by 3pm). 1st Place


A prize will be awarded to all swimmers and skipper in the team.

Post Race Prize-giving and Drinks

There will be a post event BBQ and party in Carteret with the option to stay in local accommodation. Tickets need to be bought for this at registration.

Event Terms & Conditions can be found here.